Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rehearsals & Performances 2012 - 2017


                                      c u r r e n t   p r o j e c t   |   t u r f   s u i t e   
                                            t o   m u s i c   o f  l u k a   b l o o m

Chris Denson, Philip Sykes, Christine Benavente and Pamela Low in Rehearsal for Bog section of Turf | five songs of place
Louis B. Mayer Theatre
 January 2014. 

n o v e m b e r   m e l a n c h o l i

Kristin Kusanovich in Rehearsal for Bill Stevens Jazz Trio November Melancholi 2014

s i x   p s a l m s   s t .  j o a n  o f  a r c  c h a p e l




George Drance and Kristin Kusanovich in Rehearsal and Performance of Chance Company's Six Psalms 2014

s t r a n g e   a t t r a c t o r s

Christine Benavente, Rosalinda Ortega, Allison Cook, Katie Sells, Philip Sykes and Ramon Pulido in performance of Strange Attractors at the Louis B. Mayer Theatre, 2013.
Lighting design by Nick Kumamoto.
Photography by SuddenGrace

c a b a r e t


Alex Rodrigues with Nina Feliciano, Melissa Reiinerston, Erin Lafferty, Elizabeth Curtis, Kayla Berghoff, Kathryn Fox Hart and Warren Wernick in Performance for Broadway by the Bay's  Cabaret at the Fox Theatre. Choreographed by Kristin Kusanovich with Assistance by Danielle Philapil, 2013. 
Photography by Mark & Tracy Photography

                              s i x   p s a l m s   m i s s i o n   s a n t a   c l a r a


Nick Manfredi and Kristin Kusanovich, waiting to rehearse Six 
  Psalms at the Mission Santa Clara.
    Photography by Sudden Grace 
 Talk back for Six Psalms with Nick Manfredi, Kristin Kusanovich, 
Mark Larson and Nick Kumamoto at the Mission Santa Clara, 2013.
  Photography by Stoneham Designs.

m i n i n g   f o r   c o l t a n

Ramon Pulido and Kristin Kusanovich in performance of Mining for Coltan at the Louis B. Mayer Theatre, 2012
Photography by SCUPresents

 (r e h e a r s a l )


Anna Houk, Susan Abellera, Ramon Pulido and Kristin Kusanovich in rehearsals for Mining for Coltan.
Photography by Sudden Grace

i m a g i n a r y   n u m b e r s  

Lighting design and photography by Matthew Johns

i l l u m i n a t e d   m  a n u s c r i p t s

 Choreography by Kristin Kusanovich, Louis B. Mayer Theatre, 2011.
Photography by SCUPresents

t h e   p o e m   n o c h e   o s c u r a   b y   s a n   j u a n   d e   l a   c r u z



Video Installation by Mark Larson. Choreographed and Performed by Kristin Kusanovich.

t e a m   b l a g e n

Performance Coaching for Vaulters Megan Benjamin and Blake Dahlgren, Preparing for World Vaulting Championships in Le Mans, 2012.

 c o m m u n i t y  w o r k s h o p

Twenty points of View at Luna Dance. "Orange" Workshop and choreography by Kristin Kusanovich

v i d e o s

  • 1 technique éléments of Horton-based 'wave' 
  • 2 ensemble - suzanne
  • 3 solo choreo crucifixion
  • 4 rehearsal - où va la chance with Lauren Glen
  • 5 solo improv improv for a small stage
  • 6 ensemble imaginary numberss






Link to view Imaginary Numbers